SEND MEdia | Prayer Support
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“Prayer is the
mighty engine that
is to move the
missionary work.”


A.B. Simpson
– Founder of the Christian
and Missionary Alliance


  • God would send forth laborers into His harvest.
  • God’s Great Name would be magnified from every nation and tribe and people and tongue.
  • God would lead every aspect of what we do both individually and as a church mobilization organization.
  • God would raise up financial partners to help fulfill the mission of SEND MEDIA.
  • God would raise up Media Missionaries; photographers, videographers, video production specialists to join in the work of giving sight for the unseen.
  • God would come quickly!


  • God would provide clear direction for specific unengaged people groups to visit in 2016 out of the 3000 groups worldwide.
  • Mission fulfilled expeditions.


  • Pray that the church you attend would consider partnering with Send Media to share the DocuMission (short films) of these unengaged people groups to their congregations as they become available..

“We can reach our world,
if we will. The greatest lack
today is not people or funds.
The greatest need
is prayer.”

Wesley Duewel
Head of OMS International