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Images are powerful.  Sight is a gift.  Compassion is action.

Nothing grips the heart of the yielded and surrendered more than an image of the helpless. Those trapped in darkness, without hope. When we see someone hungry we want to feed them. When we see that same person, through the eyes of Christ, we want to feed them, but we also understand that they will eat and be hungry again. The only life-sustaining food beyond the grave is the Gospel and so we are moved beyond the physical to the spiritual. As we were rescued from darkness, and transferred into the Kingdom of His beloved Son, we too want to see others rescued.

Reading Matthew 9:35-38, we see our LORD walking through cities and villages proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom, healing diseases and afflictions and when HE SAW the crowds HE HAD COMPASSION for them because He saw their helpless state – they were harassed, like sheep without a shepherd. When we contemplate the reality that there are over 3000 unengaged people groups around the world who have never heard the name of Jesus, we are moved with a passion and calling that runs deep.

As a ministry, we understand with clarity that these groups are UNENGAGED because they are UNSEEN. We often don’t have compassion on that which we don’t see. It’s our mission to give sight for the unseen. SEND MEdia has been given a very clear directive from God’s Word – God’s people need to see like our LORD sees, have compassion like our LORD has compassion and move into action like our LORD did. God’s people need to PRAY, SEND and GO.

The names of God are beautiful and they bring tremendous understanding and insight into our compassionate King. One of my favorites is El Roi, the God who sees. This was spoken by Hagar amidst her distress in the desert when she called upon the LORD, He saw her in her distress and had compassion.  Hagar rejoiced and said “You are a God of seeing”.

Compassion compels us to action. As disciples of Christ what is our action upon seeing?

As God’s people in this 21st Century, we have great opportunity before us. We have been gifted with technology that is advancing in warp-like speed. What will we do with this technology that only develops under the sovereign control of our God for His glory? On behalf of SEND MEdia, we will take this technology and go to the unengaged, film them in their dark and helpless state, bring this footage back to you, to share with the church in expectation that you will pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

We are excited to introduce you to our new website, home to these very clear directives. We could not be more excited as we pray and fast for God’s direction of what specific groups we will visit out of the 3000 groups in need of the Gospel. Would you consider partnering with us in prayer for His guiding hand?

We believe God has clearly provided us with this vision and also the person to lead this vision into action. Our Global Director, Ellis Lineback. Ellis was one of the founding members and has been persistent in His faith walk knowing that God was truly going to use this ministry to help mobilize the church to bring in the lost sheep to worship His mighty name. The last few years God has led SM through expeditions into the northern mountains of China to bring awareness to four people groups and assist in discipleship making, scouting trips to determine economical launching locations for these expeditions and networking with other like-minded mission organizations in order to ensure our efforts are efficient and focused.

Prayerfully consider asking God how you can help to bring sight for the unseen.

For His glory and the advancement of His Kingdom,

Lane Ball, Board President of SEND MEdia


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